15-Minute Total Body Workout #25DaysofMFit

Happy Day 25 of the #25DaysofMFit!! We did it… it is officially the final day of this MFit Challenge!

I hope you have enjoyed all of the workouts we have done this December! I know I enjoyed filming and sharing these workouts with all of you. It was not easy, but we did this together. If you did all 25 days with me, I want you to take your “after” photo once you finish this workout (or tomorrow morning when you are looking fresh and not so sweaty). If you committed yourself to this challenge, I am sure you are stronger and fitter. And I want to see that! Use the challenge hashtags #25DaysofMFit and #MFitChallenge to show me your before and after photos.

You are all awesome. And I want to wish you all Happy Holidays!

Today’s workout is listed below. Try this workout with your loved ones. It is the holiday season, and I want these workouts to bring friends and family together. Watch each other sweat before all of the holiday festivities!

Do the following circuit as many times as you can for 15-minutes straight.

Each time you go through the circuit add one extra rep to each set. Start by doing 10 reps per exercise and then do 11 reps on the next round, then 12, 13, etc… until the 15-minutes are up.

Here is the circuit:

1. Squat and press, squat jump
2. Reverse fly, narrow row
3. Elevated donkey kicks
4. V-sit

Be sure to SHARE this workouts with your friends and give everyone the gift of health this year.

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