Step Stool Leg Workout #25DaysofMFit

It is Day 6 of the #25DaysofMFit and guess what… It’s leg day.

Over the #25DaysofMFit I wanted to be sure to give you a variety of workouts, both fast-paced cardio workouts and slow intense workouts that challenge the muscles and help them grow! Today’s workout is the latter. And I have to say, this may be my favorite leg workout that I have ever posted on MFit!

You will need a special kind of equipment for today’s workout… a step stool! Or if you are at the gym (or happen to have gym equipment at home) you can use a step typically seen in step classes. You just need something sturdy with a little bit of height, but it should not be taller than one foot. You can also use the bottom stair of a staircase to do these exercises.

If you do not have a step stool or anything that fits that description, you can do this whole workout without it. BUT let me tell you, if you have a step, this workout will be 10x harder. We will be doing lots of lunges. And doing lunges off of a step will allow you to get even deeper in your lunges, which will help strengthen and lift your butt more!

This is a circuit workout of four exercises. We will go through the circuit three times, and, if you have the proper equipment, I want you to increase the amount of weight you are lifting each round. Start by using your body weight, then add a little bit, and then finally add a little bit MORE! Increasing the weight like this will also challenge your legs in a whole new way.

Want to print out the workout to do on our own time? The exercises are listed below:

Repeat the following circuit three times, increasing the weight you are lifting each round

1. Elevated curtsy lunges: 10 reps each side
2. Bulgarian split lunges: 10 reps each side
3. Elevated back lunge kick backs: 10 reps each side
4. Squat (one foot on step) press into side step-up: 10 reps each side

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