Cardio Kickboxing Fusion Workout

Welcome back to Day 9 of the #25DaysofMFit. We have made it to the second week of this holiday workout challenge. If you are new here, I’ve been posting workouts everyday for the past 8 days. If you want to join in on the #25DaysofMFit fun, click here to sign up for the free challenge! Today we are doing a cardio kickboxing fusion workout.

I’ve created a really fun workout for you today that blends cardio kickboxing with some fun core exercises. This was one of the most enjoyable workouts to film. I hope you have as much fun doing the routine as I did!

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Let’s get into the workout. You do not need any equipment for this routine. Just press play and start moving with me!

Follow along with the cardio kickboxing fusion workout!

Warm-up Exercises:
Arm Swings
Alternating Arm Circles
Tap & Reach
Tap & Press Back

Do 1 set of each exercise:
Jab (30 seconds right & left)
Cross (30 seconds right & left)
Jab-Cross (30 seconds right & left)
Knee, Jab-Cross, optional jump (15 reps each)
Sumo Pulse & Punch (20 reps)
Sumo Hold, Quick Punches (30 seconds)
High/Low Punches (30 seconds)
Plank Punches (16 reps)

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