#1 Mealtime Mistake That’s Causing You To Gain Weight

You make all the right food choices. You stay away from fast food and high sugar snacks. Your fridge is stocked with veggies and protein. So why aren’t you losing weight? It is likely because you are eating the wrong portion size.

Portion control is the biggest problem I see in my clients. Most clients eat too much, and some clients eat too little. The good new is, this is fairly easy to fix.

The most obvious advice I could give you is to measure out your food before you eat it. Invest in a food scale or measure everything out with measuring cups. Look up the correct serving size of everything you eat and be meticulous about eating just that. If this is too much work, use your hands to measure out your food. Your protein serving should be the size of your palm. Carbohydrates or vegetables should be the size of your fist. And fats should be the size of your thumb.

You also want to make sure you can see all of your food before you eat. So don’t serve your food in a big pile on your plate. This disguises the amount of food you are eating. Try to break the habit of putting grains on your plate first and then piling your protein and veggies on top. Section out your plate before you dig in!

This may sound odd, but it works… if you struggle with overeating, try serving your food on smaller plates. Eating off of a smaller plate ensures your portions are smaller but you will feel like you are still eating a full plate of food (because technically you are).

Try these tips and see how it helps with your weight loss journey!


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