Tips To Combat Winter Weight Gain

I think everyone starts the New Year off with a weight loss resolution because they’ve gained a bunch of weight over the holiday season. Let’s stop that trend this year!

Problem: You crave comfort food

Solution: It is common in the winter to crave high calorie comfort food. With the cooler weather we all want something that will make us feel warm. Try eating more soups this season. They will give you that same warm feeling with much more health.

Problem: Social pressure

Solution: Holiday party after holiday party can be tough on the body. I know there is pressure from your friends and family to eat the treats and drink the cocktails. It seems everyone has a family member that questions him or her when they don’t eat their special dessert. The temptation of having all of these treats around can also be hard to resist. I would advise you to survey all the food options when you arrive at a festive gathering. See what options there are! Start by filling your plate with the healthy stuff and with whatever room you have left, grab a few small tasting portions of the other items you want to try. If there are no healthy options at your party… bring it yourself! Another trick you can try, if appropriate, is stand and socialize. Walk around the party with a drink in one hand and your bag in the other. When you do this there is no place to hold the high calorie snacks.

Problem: Binge eating

Solution: With extra treats around the house and extra stress in the air… binge eating is probably the biggest factor causing winter weight gain. As it can be hard to manage stress and a busy schedule around the holiday’s, my best advice to you would be to get the food out of your house that you could potentially binge on. If you receive a food gift like a cookie basket from a friend, take it with you to work and share with your coworkers. If you baked bunch of festive treats yourself, give them away and keep a few for yourself. The best way to prevent binging on these treats is to not even have the chance.


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