Benefits of working out at the beach

It’s nearly summertime, which means warmer weather, maybe some more free time, and hopefully some outdoor workouts! For those of you lucky enough to live near a beach, I highly recommend exercising on the sand! There are several benefits to exercising at the beach, let’s talk about them!

The sand gives you extra resistance! It’s harder to workout in sand because of its density, the uneven surface and the movement when it shifts. Your muscles will be forced to work harder and this in turn will build more muscle and help you burn almost twice as many calories.

Basic exercises will feel more difficult. Jumping and running are obviously more challenging in the sand. But squats, planks and push-ups will even feel different because of the unfamiliar environment.

Exercising in the sand has less impact on the joints. This is great for protecting your joints and preventing injuries. Running and doing other exercises on pavement can have a negative impact on your joints over time. Jumping and landing in sand will feel less intense on your joints, but it will be tougher for your muscles. Try exercising on the harder sand by the water first to ease into the change of environment, this will still be lower impact but a little easier.

Shorter workouts will result in the same amount of calorie burn. As I said before, because of the increased effort, you will likely burn more calories. Since this is the case, you can spend less time doing your normal routine. HIIT workouts are shorter than steady state cardio because of the intensity. Beach workouts can be shorter than every other workout for the same reason. This means less time working out and more relaxing in the sun.

Workouts on the beach can be both fun and relaxing at the same time. They can be fun because they are different! There is no denying the challenge involved in these workouts. But they should also be enjoyable and will make you feel like a kid again. The workouts are relaxing because you are at the beach, near the water and soaking up some Vitamin D. Outdoor workouts are extra helpful for you mental health because the fresh air will help rejuvenate you.

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