13-Minute Yoga Sculpt Routine #25DaysofMFit

It is Day 24 of the #25DaysofMFit! This is your second to last day of this 25 day workout challenge! If you have done all of the workouts so far, congratulations you are almost done. Today I am taking you through a 13-minute yoga sculpt routine.

We will shape and stretch those muscles in this easy to follow routine. You will need a set of light dumbbells for this workout. However, if at any moment the weights get to be too much, just drop them and keep going! Enjoy the workout and I will be back tomorrow for your final day of the challenge!! (It’s gonna be a great one, trust me)

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Follow along with the 13-minute yoga sculpt routine below!

Typically I type up the workout instructions here, but today, I highly recommend you follow along with the video! It is a bit too difficult to type out this routine as we will be moving a lot!

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