Complete Core Workout #25DaysofMFit

It’s Day 19 of the #25DaysofMFit and it is time to workout the abs again with a complete core workout.

This workout is short and sweet… but boy does it burn! I am going to take you through a bunch of core exercises, and by the end, your abs will be ON FIRE!

You don’t need any equipment for this workout and it will only take 13 minutes, so NO EXCUSES… let’s do this!

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Try the complete core workout below!

Complete 1 set of all exercises:

1. Crunches (20 reps)
2. Heel Reaches (15 reps)
3. Long Crunches (20 reps)
4. Single Leg Long Crunches (10 reps each)
5. Long Crunches (10 reps)
6. Forearm Plank (30 seconds)
7. Tabletop Crunches (20 reps)
8. Legs Only Bicycle Crunches (20 reps)
9. Bicycle Crunches (20 reps)
10. Commando Plank (10 reps)
11. Double Ball Crunch (10 full reps, 10 pulsing reps, 2x)
12. Plank Hip Dips (20 reps)
13. Mountain Climbers (30 seconds, 2x)
14. Plank Jacks (30 seconds, 2x)

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