Total Body Mini Band Workout

If you’ve done one of my MFit workouts before, you have probably used mini bands. Mini resistance bands are my favorite home workout tool. While social distancing, due to the COVID19 pandemic, I have worked out mini bands every single day. AND I decided to film some of those workouts for you. Today we are going to do a total body mini band workout! But first, let’s talk about my new home workout plan.

total body mini band workout

I have recently created a 2-week mini band workout program called the Mini Band Sculpt Plan. This plan will strengthen and shape your whole body. Each workout in the plan is about 30-minutes long and super easy to do at home! All of the workout videos are low impact and easy on the joints. Don’t mistake low impact low intensity though; these workouts are no joke! All of the workouts will really challenge your muscles.

I created around 50 new exercises for this plan. So, if you have done my mini band workouts before, the workouts in this 2-week plan will be one’s you have never seen before. The Mini Band Sculpt Plan comes with a 14-day workout schedule and 11 exclusive workout videos. If you want to do these new workouts, you have to get the plan. To purchase the 2-Week Mini Band Sculpt Plan, click HERE!

To celebrate the launch of this plan, I am posting short mini band workouts on the MFit YouTube channel this month! Today we are doing a total body mini band workout. This workout is just a preview of what you can expect in the 2-Week Mini Band Plan. Let’s workout…!

Try the workout below:

Do 1 set of the following circuit –
Side Step + Band Pull (20 reps)
Reach + Front Raise (20 reps)
Squat Press (15 reps)
Squat Pulse Jack (15 reps)

Do 2 sets of the following circuit –
Lateral Tricep Extension (15 reps)
Alternating L’s (10 reps)
Knee Drive (15 reps)

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