Weighted Core Workout

Do you want a flat stomach or amazing six pack? Then it is time to intensify your core workouts. This weighted core routine is the challenge you need.

Just like with all other muscle groups, it is good to train the abs both with and without resistance. There are so many muscles in the core, and you need to train all of them in different ways if you want to see your abs pop.

I’ve filled the workout below with all of my favorite weighted ab exercises. Grab some dumbbells and give it a try!

You can print off the workout instructions or follow along with the video!

– Crunches (30)
– Oblique Crunches (15e)
– Sit-up Press (10)
– Plank Rows (20)
– Tabletop Crunch (20)
– Small Knee Pulls (15)
– Leg Kick-outs (10)
– Leg Drops (10)
– Side Plank Dips (15e)
– Half Kneeling Twist (30e)
– Half Turkish Get-up (10e)

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