Build a smart Thanksgiving plate

Thanksgiving is TOMORROW and before you sit down for the big meal, I want to give you a few tips on how to build a healthy Thanksgiving plate! Just because it is a holiday doesn’t mean you need to go crazy – be smart about what you eat. Make the right choices and eat the proper portion size. Remember one meal isn’t going to make you gain 20 pounds, but one meal can throw you off track and set you up for more unhealthy choices.

Eat this NOT that

White meat > Dark meat

White meat contains less fat and fewer calories than dark meat.

Sweet potatoes > White potatoes

Sweet potatoes are a good source of fiber and filled with Vitamin A. They also have less carbs and fewer calories than white potatoes. But, hold the marshmallows, sweet potatoes are sweet enough already.

Cornbread > Dinner roll

There are only a few less calories in a cornbread roll compared to a white dinner roll, but cornbread is filled with more nutrients and less carbs.  Cornbread is also a good source of fiber and calcium. However, you should make your cornbread form scratch to avoid extra sodium and sugar.

Pumpkin pie > Pecan pie

Pumpkin is high in calcium and vitamin A.  There are also fewer calories and carbs in a slice of pumpkin pie than in a piece of pecan pie.

Portion Control

One serving of turkey should be about the size of one deck of cards

One serving of stuffing should only be the size of a regular ice cream scoop

One serving of cranberry sauce should be the size of a spool of thread

One serving of gravy shouldn’t exceed the size of a golf ball

One serving of green veggies should be about the size of a softball (load up on those veggies – they are good for you!)

One serving of squash or sweet potato is, again, the size of an ice cream scoop

One serving of corn bread is the size of a regular bar of soap

One serving of pumpkin pie should be no bigger than a light bulb


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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