Shoulder Mobility Routine

Welcome back to Day 22 of the #25DaysofMFit. There are only four days left of this workout challenge! I want you to keep working hard until that final day! Today we are doing a shoulder mobility routine.

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As I said, we are doing a shoulder mobility routine today. This is a great routine to do if you are working on your posture or have tight shoulders and are trying to fix those things. It is also a great series to do before an upper body workout to warm up the shoulders!

I love making corrective exercise routines like this. This is the type of thing I do with my personal training clients everyday. I’ve considered making corrective exercise programs to sell on my website with my home workout plans. If you would be interested in something like that, please let me know!

You do not need any special equipment for this routine. However, if the final stretch of the video is difficult for you, use a band or towel to help you!

Follow along with the routine below!

Shoulder Rolls, right to left (30 seconds)
Shrugs (5 reps)
Breath Arms, reaching big (5 reps)

Do 2 sets of the following:
Windshield (10 reps)
Field Goal (10 reps)

Alternating Arm Circles (5 reps each)
X Reach, just the arms (10 reps)
Step + Arm Circle (10 reps)
Forearm Abduction (20 reps)
Y-T-A (8 rounds)
Hands Clasped, Chest Stretch (30 seconds)

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