Bootcamp Flow Workout

Welcome back to Day 13 of the #25DaysofMFit. We have are nearly two weeks in to this holiday workout challenge. If you are new here, I’ve been posting workouts everyday for the past 12 days. If you want to join in on the #25DaysofMFit fun, click here to sign up for the free challenge! Today we are doing a bootcamp flow workout.

I created this style of workout a couple years ago for my 4-Week Slim Down Plan. The workout blends classic MFit style exercises together in a non-stop flow. Each exercise is connected via another exercise or stretch. This is my favorite way to workout, and I hope you like it too!

Every Tuesday & Thursday, I teach a Bootcamp Flow style class on Zoom. If you enjoy this type of workout and want to join one of those classes, please contact me!

You do not need any equipment for this workout! So you can easily do it anywhere, anytime. Just press play and start moving with me!

Try the bootcamp flow workout below!

I highly recommend following the workout video. However, here are the workout instructions if you prefer to follow along that way!

Long Body Stretch
Crunches (30)
Marching Crunches (20)
Seated Elbow Push (30)
High/Low Push (30)
Downdog to Plank (5)
Spiderman Plank (10)
Walk Down (10)
Cobra Rolls (5)
Walk Down (1)
Sumo Squat + Arms Sweep (30, 4)
Sumo to Lunge, right (8)
Lean Back Stretch
Pyramid Stretch
Crescent Pulses (10)
Sumo to Lunge, left (8)
Lean Back Stretch
Pyramid Stretch
Crescent Pulses (10)
Plank Tap Over (16)
Heels Under Hips Pulse (15)
Wider Pulse (15)
Reach to Floor Pulse (15)
Single Leg Run, right (15)
Lunge Pulse, right (15)
Single Leg Run, left (15)
Lunge Pulse, left (15)

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