No Equipment Home HIIT Workout #MFitBikiniBootcamp

It is week five of Bikini Bootcamp 2020, and I hope you have enjoyed all of the workouts so far. Today, I have a super fun HIIT workout to share with you. HIIT stands for, high intensity interval training. So it is safe to say, this workout will be intense. You do not need any equipment for this routine, just your body weight!

All of the workouts in this challenge can be done AT HOME. So, click here to join the FREE Bikini Bootcamp Challenge and receive the two month Bikini Bootcamp workout calendar. If you already have an MFit account, click here to see the workouts!

Try the workout below!


Go through the following circuit without resting:
Alternating Sumo Squat to Lunge (20)
Up/Down Sumo Squat (10)
Half Burpee (10)
Plank (30 seconds)
Down Dog to Plank (10)
Walk Down Jump (10)

Do the following circuit 2x. 20-seconds on / 10-seconds off:
Inner Thigh Jump
Switch Feet Lunge

Go through the following circuit without resting:
Kick Forward, Lunge Back (10)
Lunge Hold Foot Tap (10)
Jog in place (30-seconds)
Repeat on the other leg

Do 20-seconds of each exercise. No rest:
Butt Kick x2 + High Knee x2
4 Punches + 2 Knees
Alternating Punches
Right Punch
Left Uppercut
Left Punch
Right Uppercut

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