Toned Arms Home Workout #MFitBikiniBootcamp

Welcome back to Bikini Bootcamp! Today I have a really awesome arm workout to share with you! We are going to train your triceps, biceps and shoulders soo much! I will be using dumbbells during this workout, but if you don’t have dumbbells… no worries! Grab some water bottles, canned food, or bottles of win. A little bit of resistance goes a long way in this workout.

All of the workouts in this challenge can be done AT HOME. So, click here to join the FREE Bikini Bootcamp Challenge and receive the two month Bikini Bootcamp workout calendar. If you already have an MFit account, click here to see the workouts!

Try the workout below!


Do each exercise 1x:
Tricep Kickback (15)
Rotating Tricep Kickback (15)
Tricep Pulse (20)
Arm Reach to Tricep Pulse (15)
Wide Tricep Pulse (20)
Diamond Tricep Kickback (15)
Tricep Push Down (15)
Flipped Front Raise (15)
Tension Curl (15)
Sumo Squat Around the World (15)
Half Burpee (10)
Jog with arms in a Hammer Curl (30 seconds)
Jumping Jack Shoulder Press (15)
Calf Raise Curl (20)
Hammer Curl Flex Tricep (15)
Walk Down Push-up to Arm Circle (10)
Down Dog to Plank (8)
Down Dog tap to Plank (8)
Kneeling Hip Thrust Bicep Curl (15)
Plank Leg Taps (20)
Plank Knee Drops (20)
Down Dog (20 seconds)

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