No Equipment Do-It-Now Arm Workout

Most people assume that to get a strong upper body they need to lift heavy dumbbells and use big machines. But, I’m here to tell you that you do not need any fancy equipment to complete a solid arm workout. In fact, there are many upper body exercises you can do that require no equipment at all.

Today I am going to share with you a killer arm circuit that will help you sculpt a fantastic upper body. My arm circuit workout will require no equipment, so you can literally do it anywhere. This workout should be done in a circuit with little rest in between exercises. Limiting the rest between exercises will challenge your upper body more and promote fat loss.

As I said before, you do not need any equipment for this workout, so you have no excuses! You can do this workout right now, and do it anywhere!


Do this arm circuit 3-4 times. Remember that each round you are getting stronger! You do not need any equipment for this workout. So, grab some water, put on some inspiring music, and get ready to sculpt amazing arms!


Arm Circles (1-minute)

Make a T-shape by extending your arms straight out to each side of your body. Create a fist and tense up the muscles in your arms. For one whole minute, draw small golf-ball sized circles forward. You want to keep the circles small, and move your arms quickly! This exercise will get your shoulders feeling nice and warm!

Chest pulses (80 reps)

Clasp your hands together in front of you like you are praying, and then bring your forearms together. Through this entire set you must keep squeezing your elbows or forearms together. I tell my clients to imagine they have $100 in between their arms and if they drop it, they lose it forever! Once you have that arm placement down, you are simply going to pulse your elbows up. Try to keep your elbows above your sternum the whole time. This exercise will work a part of your chest that you likely don’t use much, so you might find it pretty challenging! Because this move works such an obscure part of your chest, you must do a high number of reps to really feel the burn!

Push-ups (10 reps)

Most people know what a standard push-up looks like, but I want to offer you a few modifications. If you are a beginner, keep your knees down, but make sure your hips are still low and you are in a proper plank. Once that push-up gets easier, perform it with one knee down and one leg straight. After that variation feels strong, keep your knees off the ground and perform a standard push-up. If a standard push-up feels pretty easy for you, try lifting one leg the whole time and perform the reps slower!

Down Dog Push-ups (10 reps)

This type of push-up will work your shoulders more than the standard push-up. Find downward facing dog, a common yoga pose with both feet and hands on the ground and hips hiked up toward the sky. You must keep your hips up the entire time while performing your down dog push-ups. With this push-up variation, instead of bringing your chest down to the ground, you will bend your arms and try to touch your forehead to the ground.

Commando Planks (8 reps)

Find plank on your elbows. Then, lift your right elbow off the ground and set the right hand in its place. Follow up by doing the same thing with your left arm and press up to plank on your hands. Once you find that new plank, you need to get back to your elbow plank by reversing what you just did. Move down to your right elbow and then down to your left. That is one rep! Do four reps starting with your right arm and the other four starting with your left. Try to keep your hips as still as possible as you perform this exercises. You shouldn’t be shifting back and forth as you step up to your hands. Keeping your hips still will work your core!

Half Cobra Push-ups (30 reps)

Cobra is another very common yoga pose and begins lying face down to the ground. Bend your arms and bring your hands right next your armpits while squeezing your elbows in next to your sides. From here, you will press up to half cobra (upper body raised, back arched, but arms still slightly bent) and then lower back down. That is one rep. Make sure your elbows stay by your sides as you do this exercise, as that will ensure you really work your triceps!

Wall walks (2 reps)

The final exercise is a little more advanced, and you will need to use a sturdy wall. Place your hands on the ground and step your feet onto the wall. Then, walk your hands in towards the wall until your chest is right up against the paint! Now you are in a handstand and must make sure to keep your arms strong so you don’t fall and hurt yourself. You only need to hold the handstand for a moment, and then walk your hands away from the wall to finish the first rep. This exercise seems scary at first, but the more you work on it, the more comfortable it will feel.

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