Treadmill vs. Elliptical

Two very popular cardio machines that cover most gym floors are the treadmill and the elliptical. Let’s talk about the benefits of both so you can decide which piece of equipment is right for you.

When it comes to calorie burn the two are very similar. But, if you want a tougher workout, head to the treadmill. You are forced to work harder on a treadmill because the belt is constantly moving at your preset pace. The treadmill forces you to move, whereas the elliptical is powered by you. On an elliptical there is nothing forcing you to move, you have to move those pedals back and forth yourself. So if you get distracted you could unintentionally slow your pace on the elliptical.

Although your pace may be slower on an elliptical, you could get more of a strength workout in. The elliptical isn’t just good cardio but it is also a great way to tone your legs. If you amp up the resistance level on that elliptical it will not only be more challenging for your cardiovascular system, but also for you thighs!

Elliptical machines are also easier on your joints. If you have knee or ankle problems, you should probably stay away from the treadmill. The elliptical offers lower impact cardio that will be safer for those joints.

I recommend switching it up. When you want a more challenging workout, hop on that treadmill, and when you want to give your joints a break, pick the elliptical.


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