Eat this NOT that: Holiday Edition

It’s easy to consume thousands of calories in a just a few hours at a holiday party – let me help you make the right food and drink decisions so you don’t feel so guilty the next morning!

Vodka and Soda > Sugary Mixed Cocktails

You’ll be consuming less calories and sugar per drink and likely consume fewer drinks. It’s easy to down a few sugary cocktails, but when you choose something like a vodka soda, you will taste the alcohol more and probably slow it down a bit. The sugar in those mixed cocktails will cause you to crave more and more.

Hot chocolate or Hot Tea with Rum > Eggnog

This should not be a surprise; the primary ingredients off eggnog are milk, cream, and eggs… not the most nutritious. Stick with homemade hot chocolate or if you are looking for a little booze, try some hot tea with rum. You’ll save on both calories and fat.

Champagne > Gin and Tonic

Much fewer calories and so much less sugar; one 8-ox serving of G&T contains more than 20g of sugar while champagne only contains about 5g. Plus, you look much classier drinking champagne right?!

Vegetables and hummus > Chips and Dip

There is no denying that vegetables are better for you than chips. If you are aren’t someone who enjoys eating raw vegetables, make some organic hummus from garbanzo beans, tahini, lemon juice, and any other spices for a different taste and a little protein! Hummus is the healthy alternative to a dip like ranch.

Pumpkin pie > Pecan Pie

While it is true that some of the fat in a piece of pecan pie is healthy fat from the nuts, most of the calories come from the mass amounts of corn syrup and sugar in the filling. Opt for the more nutritious option that is pumpkin pie. You will be consuming fewer calories, less fat, and more potassium and vitamin A.

Salsa > Creamy/Cheesy dips

Fresh salsa will have much fewer calories than sour cream or mayonnaise based dips, allowing you to indulge on a bit more!

Roasted Sweet Potatoes > Loaded baked potato

The toppings of the baked potato easily add an extra 150 calories, but toppings aside, sweet potatoes are much more nutritious than regular potatoes!

Beef Tenderloin > Prime Rib

If you are looking for some meat, choose the less fatty and less caloric option. Prime rib is cut from one of the fattiest parts of the cow, so you know it’s filled with lots of fat.

Oatmeal cookie > Sugar Cookies

Sugar cookies are just that, sugar. Choose a cookie that will be a bit more filling and have some nutrition to it.

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