Detox Yoga Routine #25DaysofMFit

Happy Day 15 of the #25DaysofMFit – Today I am finally giving you an active rest day.

Today I have a detox yoga routine for you that includes lots of deep stretches and twisting to help you remove the toxins and soreness from your body. There are some pretty advanced stretches in this video, but remember if anything feels too intense just ease out of the stretch and move into a childs pose.

Yoga is meant to heal both the body and mind. So I want you to forget about all of the holiday or end of the year stress you may be feeling for the next 15-minutes. Take this time to focus on you. The #25DaysofMFit are not meant to be another daily task to check off of your to-do list. This challenge is supposed to give you 15-minutes to forget about the rest of the world. Whether you are sweating it out in a cardio workout, burning those muscles, or de-stressing with some detox yoga, these workouts will ideally help you find time (even if it’s just 15-minutes) for the most important person of all — you.

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