HIIT & Burn Sample Class

Have you been struggling to motivate yourself to workout at home? Then you should try one of my Zoom workout classes! Zoom classes feel like those group fitness workouts you know and love. My HIIT & Burn class is a great workout to start with. It is only 30-minutes and so much fun! Try this free HIIT & Burn sample class to see what it is all about!

This fast-paced workout is the perfect 30-minute routine. I’ll lead you through high and low intervals of cardio and strength training. The high intervals will spike your heart rate. The low intervals will challenge your total body strength.

I truly believe this is the most efficient 30-minute workout. I’ve structured it so that there is no need for rest. When one muscle group gets tired, we move onto the next. When cardio gets too intense, we slow it down. It is very well balanced, and I just know you are going to love it!

If you enjoy this sample class, click HERE to sign up for one of my Zoom classes! Zoom classes have community and the best music. Stop working out alone, and join the MFit community on Zoom!

Try the free HIIT & Burn sample class:

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