Beginner Tabata Boxing Workout

Happy Tuesday! I have a new MFit YouTube workout to share with you today. This quick and effective beginner tabata boxing workout will leave you feeling strong and probably sore.

For real though, I was sore for days after filming this workout video. But don’t let that scare you away. This beginner tabata boxing workout is actually quite simple. All of the boxing movements are easy to follow and the workout is only 12-minutes.

We will be doing each boxing drill for 20-seconds on followed by 10-seconds of rest. We will also go through each drill several times to allow you to get comfortable enough to really push hard.

beginner tabata boxing workout

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Try the workout below!

Do each drill for 20-seconds off, followed by 10-seconds of rest:

Jab, right (2x)
Cross, right (2x)
Jab-Cross, right (2x)

Jab, left (2x)
Cross, left (2x)
Jab-Cross, left (2x)

Knee (2x each)
Knee – Cross (2x each)

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