Cardio & Strength Home Workout #MFitBikiniBootcamp

Welcome back to Bikini Bootcamp! This is the second workout in the summer challenge. This cardio & strength home workout is going to help you burn fat all over you body! It’ll be tough, but you’ll thank me later.

All of the workouts in this challenge can be done AT HOME. So, click here to join the FREE Bikini Bootcamp Challenge and receive the two month Bikini Bootcamp workout calendar. If you already have an MFit account, click here to see the workouts!

Try the full body cardio & strength home workout below!


Progression Circuit. Do 1 set of each exercise:
Walk Down (10)
Down Dog to Plank (10)
Push-up (1)
Walk Down Reach (10)
Down Dog to Lunge (10)
Push-up (2)
Walk Down to Overhead Squat (10)
Down Dog to Twisted Lunge (10)
Push-up (3)

Complete each superset 4x. 20-seconds on. 10-seconds off.
1A. Double Hop Squat Jack
1B. March + Kayak Row
2A. Side Shuffle
2B. Speed Skater
3A. Back Lunge Single Arm Press
3B. Bear Crawl

Do the following circuit 1x:
Lunge Punch (10)
Front Raise / Knee Raise (10)
Oil Rig Rows (10)
Repeat on the other side
Squat (4-2) to Sumo Squat (4-2)
Sumo Squat to Star (10)
Tricep Kickback (15)
Upright Tricep Pushdown (15)
Kneeling Hip Thrust with Bicep Curl (15)

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