Total Body HIIT & Burn Workout

This total body HIIT & Burn workout will completely re-shape your body. The routine blends HIIT, resistance training and yoga together so you can build muscle and burn fat in the most productive way.

The workout will begin with a yoga warm-up. This will both stretch and activate your muscles to prime them for exercise.

Then will will get into the HIIT portion of the workout. High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT, is a form of cardio that is currently incredibly popular in the workout world.

HIIT routines include alternating intervals of intense cardio and rest. There are many benefits to HIIT workouts. I personally appreciate the fact that HIIT workouts are short so I don’t have to spend a long time doing cardio.

The final part of the routine is a strength circuit. This will finish off your muscles nicely.

The workout below is a 20-minute HIIT & Burn routine. It is going to work every muscle and leave you feeling breathless but amazing. Try it out and share with your friends! If you want more workouts like this, check out my 4-Week Slim Down Plan. That 28-day home workout plan includes many different HIIT & Burn routines.

Follow along with the total body HIIT & burn below:

A. Yoga Warm-up

B. HIIT: Complete two sets of each superset. No rest between exercises. 30-second rest between sets.

1A. Squat Jump (15)
1B. Quick Feet (30s)

2A. Surfers (10)
2B. High Knees (30s)

C. Resistance: Complete two sets of the following circuit.

– 4 Bent Over Rows into 2 Push-ups (5)
– Single Arm Squat Press (10e)
– 1.5 Squat (10)

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