Tight Hips Stretch

Welcome back to Day 17 of the #25DaysofMFit. Today we are doing a tight hips stretch routine!

If you are new here, I’ve been posting workouts everyday for the past 16 days. If you want to join in on the #25DaysofMFit fun, click here to sign up for the free challenge! You’ll receive 25 workout videos and workout calendar!

As I said, today we are stretching! If you have been following along with the #25DaysofMFit, this will be a nice recovery day. However, even though this is a “easy day” I still need to you to give it 100%. Don’t be lazy with this stretch. I want you actively stretching the whole time!

Did you know that all of my home workout plans come with stretching videos to follow? That’s right. I make sure everyone following my 2-week, 4-week and 8-week workout plans stretch everyday! If stretching is a priority to you (as it should be), check out one of my plans!

Let’s get back to the video. You do not need any special equipment to get you through this routine. Just grab a mat to lie on and get ready to work on those tight hips.

Follow along with the tight hips stretch routine!

Do each stretch for approximately 30 seconds:

Wide Lunge Hold (right and left)
Deep Lunge Rock, right
Wide Lunge Rock, right
Deep Lunge Twist, right
Deep Lunge Rock, left
Wide Lunge Rock, left
Deep Lunge Twist, left
Figure 4 Twist, right
Full Figure 4, right
Knee over Knee Pull, right
Figure 4 Twist, left
Full Figure 4, left
Knee over Knee Pull, left
Happy Baby

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