10-Minute Toned Abs

Happy new workout Tuesday! Today I have a really fun, and challenging, core workout for you. Get ready for 10-minute toned abs!

Now, let me make one thing clear. It takes longer than 10-minutes to get toned abs. However, this workout is a great start. I’ve included a lot of different exercises that will strengthen all areas of your core in a variety of ways. If you want toned abs eventually, you have to train your core muscles this way. It takes more than one exercise to build a strong midsection. So today we will crunch, twist, squeeze and isolate the whole core.

If getting sculpted abs is a goal of yours, I highly recommend purchasing my 4-Week Flat Abs Plan. As I just said, it takes more than one exercise to shape a tummy. You must do a variety of exercises, both cardio and strength based, and eat a clean diet to see those abs.

My 4-Week Flat Abs Plan comes with a 28-day workout schedule that takes you through core training, total body strength training, HIIT and kickboxing workouts. This combination of workouts is unbelievably effective for flattening and toning the abdominal muscles.

Check out these results from two ladies who completed the plan:

10-minute toned abs

Obviously the workouts are good. But, that’s not all! When you sign up for any of my MFit home workout plans, you get access to the MFit diet planner. This diet planner will help you create a healthy diet that matches your lifestyle and fitness goals.

Again, if you want a stronger core. Please check out the 4-Week Flat Abs Plan!

No without further ado, let’s get into the 10-minute toned abs workout!

Try the workout below!

Do 1 set of all exercises on the right. Then do 1 set on the left.
Feet Stacked Crunch (20)
Knee Drive Crunch (15)
Half Tabletop Crunch (10)
Criss Cross Crunch (10)
Right Crunch (10)
Left Crunch (10)
Half Tabletop Crunch (10)
Single Leg Double Crunch (15)
Single Leg Double Crunch with Leg Lift (10)
Extend Legs Up
Feet Stacked Leg Drop (1, slow)

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