Total Body Shape Up

Happy Tuesday! In case you didn’t know, every Tuesday I post new workouts here on this blog and the MFit YouTube channel. I am excited to share today’s workout with you. This is a total body shape up!

I have been posting workout videos on the MFit YouTube channel since 2014! While some of the older videos make me cringe, every workout is amazing. Recently, I’ve been revisiting some of those old videos during my own workouts… and they are no joke! Sometimes I struggle to keep up with myself.

I recently got an email from an amazing viewer saying he missed my longer YouTube workouts. So today I created a longer, 20-minute workout. However, I felt this would be a great time to remind you all that I actually make longer workouts all the time for the MFit Virtual Gym! The workout videos in my MFit home workout plans range from 30-minutes to sometimes even 90-minutes in length. So, if you are missing my longer workout videos. You should absolutely consider purchasing a MFit Plan!

Let’s get to the workout! Enjoy this total body shape up!

Try the workout below!

Do 1 set of the following:
Squat to Alternating Leaning Press (16)
Single Arm Leaning Press (10e)
Squat Pulses (20)
Down Dog to Plank (10)
Walk Down (5)
Walk Down Push-up (5)
Back Lunge (15e)
Back Lunge to Row, right (15, 5)
Static Lunge Curl, right (10)
Calf Raise + Bicep Curl (15)
Back Lunge to Row, left (15, 5)
Static Lunge Curl, left (10)
Calf Raise + Bicep Curl (15)
Wide Stance Push-ups (10)
Childs Pose (15 seconds)
Plank Leg Tap (10)
Combo Move, Plank Leg Tap & Shoulder Tap (10)
Side Step, Single Arm Press (20)
Sumo Squat Around the World (12)
Sumo Squat Pulses (20)

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