Back & Abs Home Workout #MFitBikiniBootcamp

I am back with another MFit workout video, and I am so excited to share this one with you. Today we are training the abs and back, which are two very under-worked areas. If you sit all day, like many people do, your core and upper back muscles are relaxed most of the time. Today I am going to make sure those muscles are very much not relaxed for 30-minutes.

All of the workouts in this challenge can be done AT HOME. So, click here to join the FREE Bikini Bootcamp Challenge and receive the two month Bikini Bootcamp workout calendar. If you already have an MFit account, click here to see the workouts!

Try the workout below!


Do 1 set of the following:
Walk Down Arm Circle (10)
Down Dog to Tricep Push-up (10)

Do 2 sets of the following:
Forearm Plank Retraction (10)
Half Burpee, with push-up (10)

Do 1 set of each exercise:
Walk Down Arm Circle (10)
Arm Circle (10)

Do 2 sets of the following: Set 1 without weights. Set 2 with weights.
Conductor Arms (20)
Elbow Pulls (20)
Elbow to V Rotation (15)
Reverse Fly (15)

Do 1 set of the following:
Plank Shoulder Tap (20)
Down Dog to Plank (10)
Alternating Side Plank (10)
Hold Side Plank, Dips (15)
Other Side
Arm Circles (10)
Jog (30 seconds)

Do 2 sets of the following:
Jumping Jack Arms Circle Back (20)
Alternating Elbow to Knee (20)

Do 1 set on each arm: Use a mini band
Arms Forward to Lat Pull (15)
Single Arm Lat Pull (15)
Single Arm Lat Pull with Lunge (15)

Do 1 set of each: Use a mini band
Behind Body Elbow Push (20)
Knee Pulls (30)

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