How To Get An Hourglass Figure

Most people think an hourglass figure is something you’re born with. I am here to tell you, it is something you can build through weight lifting!

Today I am going to take you through a resistance training routine that will help you build an hourglass figure by training your legs, back, and core. These exercises will help you lift and grow your butt, slim down your waist, and define your upper back. All three of these things will transform your body shape.

The workout below is a great start to building your hourglass figure. But, if you want to see serious change, you should check out the MFit Peach Plan. That 4-week home workout program comes with intense workouts to help you build maximum muscle at home.

Many women are scared to lift weights because they think it will make them look bulky. This is not true! It is actually very difficult for women to gain the amount of muscle that looks bulky. Workouts like the one below will help you look toned and enhance your hourglass curves. I want to encourage all of you to use weights that challenge you in this workout.

Try the workout below.

Do 1 set of the following circuit:

1. Side to Side Squat (20 reps)
2. Side to Side Shuffle Squat (10 reps)
3. Tension Squat (15 reps)

Do 2 sets of the following:

1. Banded 3/4 Squat (15 reps)
2. Squat Press (15 reps)

Do 2 sets of the following:

1. Band Lat Pull Down (15 reps)
2. Arnold Press (10 reps)

Do 2 sets of the following:

1. Wide to Mid Bent Over Row (10 reps)
2. Wide to Narrow Lunge (10 reps each)

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