No More Knee Pain

At some point in your life you, or someone you know, has probably complained about knee pain. Achey knees prevent some people from living a healthy, active life. If your bad knees are interfering with your life and exercise plan, it is time to do something about it!

Today we are going to tackle why you may be experiencing knee pain and what habits can make this pain worse. I will also give you a corrective exercise plan to combat the daily strain you put on your knees and surrounding joints.

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no more knee pain

Severe knee pain can hit anyone, at anytime, for a number of reasons. If you fear your knee pain is related to an injury, read this article by Medical News Today and consult your doctor ASAP. If your knee pain is not injury-related, I can help.

A majority of knee problems stem from muscle imbalances in the lower body and spine. Let’s face it, life is uneven. Most of us lean into one hip while standing, grab things and carry objects with one specific hand, and carry our bag on one shoulder. All sports are uneven. Most jobs are uneven. Hobbies are uneven. Even sitting can make your body uneven. All of these little things that make your body uneven can turn into big problems.

If you drive a lot, your right calf muscle is constantly working. Each time you pump on the gas your lower leg activates and the muscles down there tighten up. If you have been driving two hours a day, everyday, for ten years, your right calf muscle is super tight! Knots have likely formed in the muscle because of how often it is forced to work. These knots can press against nerves. When tight muscles are messing with your nerves, you will experience sharp pain in some of your joints… like your knee joint.

That is just one example. There are hundreds of things we all do, everyday that create the same chaos in the body.

If you specifically experience knee pain, it is likely that there is an imbalance in the calves, quadriceps or hip flexors. These three areas affect the knee joints the most. They are also three areas that tend to get tight by doing simple everyday tasks. It can be tough to avoid certain tasks, like driving, which is why it is important to do a corrective exercise routine everyday or every other day to combat the “uneven-ness” we all have.

In addition to the corrective exercise routine, it would be beneficial for you to change some of these habits that exaggerate your knee pain:

If you normally lean into your right hip when you stand or sit, try to shift side to side or just stand evenly. If your job requires you to sit a lot, try to take walking breaks every hour. Make sure you drink a lot of water to prevent muscles cramps. If you like high impact workouts, focus on your form or switch to low impact workouts when your knees are achy.

Try the corrective exercise routine below:

Do 1 set of each exercise or stretch.

Active Hip Flexor Stretch
Active Quad Stretch
Quad Stretch to Dancers Pose
Donkey Kicks (30 reps each)
Bridge Pulses (20 reps)
Bridge Pulses with Pillow (20 reps)
Banded Side to Side Steps (30 reps)
Banded Side to Reach Steps (30 reps)
Down Dog Calf Stretch
Kneeling Quad Stretch
Self Massage

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