Beginner Leg Workout

In honor of the new MFit 8-Week Beginner’s Plan launch, I am going to be posting some short and sweet beginner workouts this month. Today we will do a beginner leg workout. In this workout, I will break down five key lower body movements. We will work everything from the butt checks to the calves, and I will make sure you do each exercise properly.

If you are new to exercise, you may not know why it is so important to workout your legs. Your legs contain some of the biggest muscles in your body. So, when you train these muscle it is exhausting. I know that doesn’t sound fun, but it is actually a really good thing. It means that leg day can double as cardio! Speaking of cardio, leg day will also improve your running, walking, climbing or whatever “traditional” cardio movement you enjoy doing. Training your legs is also really good for your core and can help prevent lower back and knee pain.

The brand new 8-Week Beginner’s Plan┬áincludes a bunch of leg workouts as well as core, arms, cardio and stretching videos. If you are new to exercise and plan to workout at home, this is the 8-week plan is for you. The Beginner’s Plan will help you build strength and stamina, and I break down each movement in the program so you aren’t left feeling lost and confused. For more information and to sign up for the plan, click HERE.

Try the beginner leg workout video below for a taste of what exercises you will see in the 8-Week Beginner’s Plan.

Donkey Kicks
Bridge Pulses
Inner Thigh Bridge Pulses
Modified Squats
Calf Raises

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