The #1 Secret to BIGGER a Booty

Want to know the secret to a bigger booty…? Well, I am sharing all of the secrets in this new home workout plan!

Today I have launched my brand new 4-week home workout plan called The Peach Plan. This 28-day plan will help you shape and lift your butt. And that’s not all! If you struggle from lower back or knee pain, this plan will help you with both of those things.

This plan stands out from other booty-focused programs because it puts a lot of focus on corrective exercise.

The Peach Plan comes with 22 exclusive workout videos. There are a handful of lower body strengthening workouts that will train your whole leg, with a special focus on your bum. There are also HIIT & Burn workouts, which combine lower body resistance training with fat burning cardio.

One of the videos is a deep stretch routine that will help realign your body. This video will loosen up the tight muscles that prevent you from activating you glutes properly.  And finally, there are three activation routines.

You will do one of these activation routines before every single leg workout. This 15-25 minute warm-up will help fire up your glutes and hamstrings so you can feel them the most during your workout. It will also loosen up the quads, calves and hip flexors to keep them from tighten up during your workout.

This plan works.

I have worked with hundreds of people, and more often than not those individuals are quad dominant. This means their thighs, not their butt, fire up whenever they do a lower body workout.

Another large portion of these people suffer from lower back pain, making certain leg movements extremely painful.

I can include myself in both of these categories. But now, I know how to fix it.

The activation warm-up is the most important part of the Peach Plan. When you start your workout off with these routines, you will 100% feel your booty in the following workout. And when you are feeling the muscles, you are working them… finally.

Today I wanted to share with you one of the activation routines in the program. This is the only Peach Plan video I will be making public, so take advantage of it! I am positive after trying this routine, you will understand how effective this program is.

If you want to purchase the 4-Week Peach Plan, click HERE!

Follow along with the video below for a little preview of how amazing the Peach Plan is:

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