Molly McNamee | Snack Right For Weight Loss
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Snack Right For Weight Loss

“I really need to stop snacking.”

I hear my clients say that all the time. It seems that where most people think their diet falters is in between meals. Snacking may not be good for everyone, but it can help keep hunger and cravings at bay.

Today I want to talk about why snacking can be really good for you! Yes, you heard that right – snacks are not always evil. In fact, a good snack could help you lose weight. Follow these rules to snack without the guilt.

Ask yourself why

Before you reach for the snack cabinet, ask yourself why you want a snack. Are you hungry? Then you should absolutely eat something. Are you bored? Then you should have a glass of water and find a way to get un-bored real quick. If you find you’re hungry a lot, then you may need to change your diet strategy all together. If that is something you resonate with, try adding more protein into your diet.

Avoid late night snacks

If you are always hungry after dinner, this is a problem. Being especially hungry in the evening’s means you are probably not consuming enough calories or protein throughout the day. If you want a midnight snack, ask yourself if you are really hungry, and if you are, make a long-term plan to eat more throughout the day.

Plan your snacks

Add 10-minutes to your weekly meal prep session to prepare some snacks. It is important to have healthy, protein-filled snacks nearby for those times hunger strikes. Not being prepared is a fatal mistake. Make your healthy snacks easy to find so you don’t wind up with a bag of chips.

Portion size really matters

Eating the proper portion of food is always important, but it is especially important when it comes to snacks. It is so easy to overeat nuts, chips, dips, and other snack foods. Avoid eating out of the package and measure out the exact portion size. If you want more, you can always go back for a second, measured out, serving.

Do not snack when you’re not hungry

If you have prepared snacks, do not feel pressured to eat them if you are not hungry. Snacking is good for when you need some extra energy between meals, but you should by no means feel like you need to eat because you planned to. If your regular meals are keeping you satisfied, skip your daily snack.

I hope you found these tips helpful. For more snack tips and the MFit Approved Snacks list, join the MFit Membership today.