10-Minute Booty Burn

It’s booty time. This 10-minute booty burn workout is packed with some of my favorite glute-focused exercises.

As many you know, I have recently launched a brand new 4-week booty program called the Peach Plan. This 4-week home workout plan is meant to strengthen and grow your glute muscles. If you want a bigger butt or if you suffer from knee and lower back pain, this program is for you.

Each workout will begin with an activation routine, including exercises like the ones in the workout below, that will fire up your glutes. After that active warm-up we move into resistance training that will help you build muscle. The workouts are longer than 10-minutes, but if you have major booty goals, you need this program.

You can purchase the Peach Plan by clicking HERE.

In the meantime, enjoy this booty burner.

Follow the 10-minute booty burn below.

Do on set of each exercise, flow into the next:

Squat (20 reps)
Stomp squat (20 reps)
Traveling stomp squat (4 laps each)
Downdog leg lift (10 reps each)
Straight curtsy lunge (15 reps each)
Bent curtsy lunge (15 reps each)
Alternating back lunges (20 reps)
Single leg lunge (15 reps each)
Get-ups (10 reps each)
Donkey kicks (20 reps each)

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