Fat-Burning Home HIIT Workout

We are nearing the end of January. Can you believe that? Let me ask you something… how are those New Year Resolutions going? Have you stuck to them this month, or have you already forgotten about them? If your resolution has anything to do with fitness, I am here to help. I’ve created a fat-burning home HIIT workout to get you back on track.

The best way to to make exercise a habit is to gradually start incorporating it into your daily routine. Go for a 10-minute walk everyday. Do a set of push-ups or a 1-minute plank before breakfast. Find one simple thing to do everyday that gets you moving. Check out one of my free fitness challenges, like the Cheeky Challenge, to help you move everyday.

If you enjoy cardio workouts and you are ready for a longer daily workout, check out my 4-Week Flat Abs Plan. That home workout plan will definitely keep you on track!

Today I have a 12-minute HIIT cardio workout to share with you. This workout is short, but super effective. You don’t even have to leave your house to do it!

Try the fat-burning home HIIT workout below!

Do the following circuit 1x.
40 seconds on – 10 seconds off:

Inhale/Exhale Arms
X Reaches
Squat to Knee
Side Lunge Front Kick, Right
Knee Pulls
Side Lunge Front Kick, Left
Side Shuffle Jacks

Do each exercise 3x.
20 seconds on – 10 seconds off:

Star Jump
Burpee Progression
High Knees

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