No Equipment Arm Workout

Do you ever get in an exercise rut? I did recently. I felt like I was doing the same upper body exercises everyday. So, I decided to challenge myself to do something very different. Today I am going to share with you my new no equipment arm workout.

This no equipment arm workout may seem easy at first, but your arms will be screaming after 2-minutes! I am so happy with how this workout turned out. It left me feeling energized and very sore. I hope you feel the same afterwards.

I am thankful for my MFit family because if I didn’t have to create workouts for all of you, I would probably do the same exercises everyday. Filming videos for the MFit YouTube channel and my MFit home workout plans every week forces me to be creative and try new movements.

As I mentioned above, this workout is challenging. I am going to push your muscles hard. If this workout feels too difficult for you… no worries, I have other workouts for you! In fact, I recently launched an 8-Week Beginner’s Program. Check that out if you want some slower home workouts. In those workouts, I break down each exercise so you know exactly how to do each movement with proper form.

Try the no equipment arm workout below:

Do 1 set of each exercise.
Tap & Reach
Butt Kick Row
Wall Arm Circles
Small Arm Circles (40 reps)
Flip Hands (20 reps)
Elbow Pull (20 reps)
Arms Up & Down (20 reps)
Big Arm Circles (5 reps)
No Weight Tricep (30 reps)
No Weight Tricep Push (20 reps)
Thumbs Pulse In (20 reps)
Big Arm Circles (5 reps)
Elbow Pulses (50 reps)
Elbow Clap (20 reps)
Walk Down to Down Dog (5 reps)
Walk Down Push-up (10 reps)
Push-ups (5 reps)
Down Dog Push-ups (10 reps)
Childs Pose Push-ups (15 reps – 10 reps)

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