Mini Band Legs Workout #25DaysofMFit

Welcome back to Day 2 of the #25DaysofMFit challenge! Yesterday I put you through a muscle-building total body workout. If you haven’t done that workout yet, make sure you do! Today we are switching it up with a mini band legs workouts.

I have filmed quite a few mini band workouts for the MFit YouTube channel and the MFit home workout plans, but somehow I am still able to think of new exercises. I have filled today’s mini band legs workout with some new exercises and some tried and true movements to challenge your booty and thighs.

If you don’t have a mini band, get one. You don’t HAVE to use one for this routine, but the extra resistance will make it far more effective. And since the workout is only 15-minutes, I want you to push yourself. I have put my favorite mini bands in the MFit Amazon store. Check them out if you’re interested.

If you want even more mini band workouts, please check out my 2-week mini band home workout plans! Try my 2-Week Sculpt plan to shape your entire body. Or check out the 2-Week Cardio plan for routines that will keep your heart pumping with some low impact mini band cardio!

I hope you enjoy this workout as much as I enjoyed filming it. Make sure you check back tomorrow for Day 3 of the challenge, or if you can’t wait that long – join the #25DaysofMFit challenge on my website to receive all 25 workout videos today!

Try the mini band legs workout below.

Do 2 sets of the following circuit:

Side Steps (20 reps)
Side Step Reach Back (20 reps)
Squats (10 reps)
Pulsing Squat (10 reps)
Squat 180 step (10 reps)
Jumping Hip Thrust (20 reps)
Slow Hip Thrust (10 reps)

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