Lower Back Friendly Abs #25DaysofMFit

It is Day 3 of the #25DaysofMFit challenge, and today we are doing a lower back friendly abs workout!

I have gotten some requests recently from my MFit Family asking me to create core workout that does not include any sit ups or crunches. So, today I created this lower back friendly abs routine! This workout will take you through five exercises that will help you build a stronger core without aggravating your lower back.

The reason you may feel your lower back during other MFit core workouts is likely because the exercises are too advanced for your core at the moment. It may be difficult for you to perform these advanced exercises with proper form because you haven’t built a strong enough foundation yet. This workout will get you to build that core foundation. The movements are simple, but so effective. Listen to each instruction I give you to ensure you have perfect form!

I hope you enjoy this workout as much as I enjoyed filming it. Make sure you check back tomorrow for Day 4 of the challenge, or if you can’t wait that long – join the #25DaysofMFit challenge on my website to receive all 25 workout videos today!

Follow the workout instructions or video below.

Do 1 set of the following circuit:

Cat Contractions (15 reps)
Bird-Dog, Right (30 seconds)
Cat Contractions (15 reps)
Bird-Dog, Left (30 seconds)
Tabletop with resistance (30 seconds)
Plank Lifts (15 reps)
Forearm Plank (45 seconds)

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