Upper Body Warm-up + 3 Posture Improving Exercises

Hey everyone, I am back with another warm-up routine. Last week I posted a lower body warm-up that will make your leg and booty workouts more effective. This week I am taking you through an upper body warm-up that includes three posture improving exercises.

I will admit, I used to be horrible at warming up before upper body workouts. However, about three months ago I started doing a warm-up like the one below. Doing this warm-up has changed my arms. I feel stronger. I look leaner. And I am more confident in a tank top.

Upper body warm-ups are especially important because you can use them to activate some of your underused muscles. All day we are using our arms to pick things up, to drive, to work, etc. We are not using all of our upper body muscles though. Your back is often neglected as well as other small muscles in the arm.

A good warm-up will activate those underused muscles and stretch out your overused muscles. Doing those things in tandem will result in a more effective workout that engages muscles you’ve never felt before.

I always tell my clients that if they are not feeling the right muscles, they are not working the right muscles. If you can fire up the right muscles before you even begin your first exercise, you have set yourself up for success.

The video below will also take you through three posture improving exercises. I have posted several posture-improving workouts on the MFit YouTube channel in the past. If posture is something you struggle with, I recommend checking out these videos in addition to the one below.

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