3 Must-Have Home Workout Tools

You don’t need fancy gym equipment to get in shape. All you have to do is choose the right at-home exercise tools to help maximize your progress. We are keeping it simple and affordable today. Here are my top three must-have home workout tools.

FYI – I have a list of all of my favorite home workout tools in the MFit Amazon Store. If you are interested in expanding your home gym or buying any of the products I mention today, you can get them there!

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands come in all shapes, sizes, and resistances. They are a great tool for both beginner and advanced exercisers. Resistance bands build muscle just as free weights do, but they are much easier to store than dumbbells. Bands are also incredibly easy to travel with. I personally have tons of resistance bands at home.

As I previously state, mini bands come in different resistances. This means, when you buy a pack of bands, there is a resistance for every level of your training. If you are a beginner you will start off using the lighter bands. As you progress in your fitness journey, you can use heavy bands or even double up bands for extra resistance!

If you have resistance bands and are looking for some new ways to use them. Check out my 2-week mini band workout plans. These 14-day plans will introduce you to some really creative and fun band exercises. Try the 2-Week Mini Band Sculpt Plan for slow, muscle building workouts. Or try the 2-Week Mini Band Cardio Plan for upbeat, low impact cardio routines!

Bands are by far my top must-have home workout tool! A few brands of resistance bands that I love are: Black Mountain and Kamileo. You can find both, and many more, in the MFit Amazon store.

must-have home workout tools

Balance Trainer

Balance trainers include objects like: stability balls, Bosu balls, or anything unstable. Using a balance trainer can add variety to your workout and make seemingly simple exercises not so simple. Incorporating these into your home workouts will challenge your core a lot too. You can perform exercises like planks, lunges, and bridges with a balance trainer.

You need to have good balance and a strong core to move effectively in your workouts and in your day-to-day life. Try incorporating a balance trainer into your at-home workouts to help build those stability muscles. Use this Bosu workout or this Stability ball workout for some inspiration.

Foam Roller

I don’t care who you are, you better have a foam roller at home. This is absolutely a must-have home workout tool. You can use this tool in a number of ways to help realign, stretch, and roll out tight muscles.

Foam rollers are an essential part of corrective exercise. Foam rollers, and other self-massage tools, help release tension and knots in the muscles. If you do not roll out these knots, you could injure yourself or experience joint pain. Read this blog of mine about the benefits of stretching and foam rolling for more information.

There are many types of foam rollers on the market, and I want to encourage you to find what works best for you. I actually like to use a roller stick, like this Kamileo one. It is easier for me to use than a traditional foam roller. But again, you should find the roller that works best for you. As always, I have put my preferred brands in the MFit Amazon store for you!

One more thing…

Don’t feel like purchasing anything? Here are a few common household objects you can use for your workouts —

  • Canned food, bottles, books for extra resistance in workouts
  • Pillows for stability and core exercises
  • Pool noodle, tennis ball, any round object in place of a foam roller

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