4-Week Flat Abs Plan

I have really enjoyed doing the 30-Day Ab Challenge with all of you this month. In fewer than 10-minutes a day, for thirty days, we got a stronger core! You should be proud of yourself for completing this challenge! If you are ready for your next challenge, keep reading to learn more about the 4-Week Flat Abs Plan!

For the past three months, we have been doing free workout challenges on the MFit YouTube channel. We started with the Bikini Bootcamp challenge and most recently completed the 30 days of ab exercises. I have been kicking your butts all summer, and you may be wondering what is next.

Well… today I have officially launched the 4-Week Flat Abs Plan. This workout program is going to push you to burn fat, build total body muscle and strengthen your core. You will be sore. You will be sweaty.  But you will get so much stronger and have a flatter tummy by the end of it!

I honestly think this is the best 4-week plan I have ever created. I went through the plan myself and lost 4 inches around my waist! I’ve also had a few members of the MFit Family test out this plan, and they have loved the workouts too! One person said that she was surprised how sore she got because the workouts went by fast and didn’t seem especially challenging while doing them. That was my goal in creating these workouts. I wanted to create effective workouts that were deceivingly hard. This program is beginner friendly but will also push even the strongest of athletes out of their comfort zone.

This plan does not require ANY fancy equipment. The only thing you need to complete these workouts is a set of mini bands.

The workout below is a sneak peak of one of the HIIT & Burn workouts from the 4-week plan. Try it out! If you enjoy the workout and want more, you can sign up for the 4-Week Flat Abs Plan by clicking HERE!

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