HIIT & Lower Body Workout #MFitBikiniBootcamp

I know I say this a lot, but today’s workout is one of my favorites. I enjoyed filming it, and I was SO sore the following day. So trust me when I say, this HIIT & lower body workout is a good one.

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Today’s workout is a HIIT & Burn routine, which is a workout style I first created for the 4-Week Slim Down Plan. This workout will start with a bit of yoga to stretch out and activate your muscles. From there we will move on to some fat-burning HIIT cardio and finish off with slower, muscle-building exercises so you really feel the burn.

Try the HIIT & lower body workout!

Yoga Warm-up (in video)

30-seconds on, 30-seconds off (4x each exercise)
A. Rainbows
B. Single Leg Jumping Lunge
C. Side Shuffle
D. Diamond Jumps

Do 1 set on each leg:
A. Band Reaches (10 reps)
B. Single Leg Band Reaches (10 reps)
C. Narrow Lunges (10 reps)
D. Stretch (20 seconds)
E. Banded Lunge (10 reps)

Do 2 sets of the following:
Wide Walking Lunges into Diagonal Steps (5 laps)

Do 2 sets on each leg:
A. Back Lunge – Squat (10 reps)
B. Rainbow Donkey Kicks (10 reps)

Do 1 set on each leg:
A. Lying Abduction (20 reps)
B. Rainbow Abduction (10 reps)

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