Yoga Legs Workout #25DaysofMFit

Happy #25DaysofMFit! It is Day 16 of the workout challenge, and I have an amazing yoga legs workout for you today!

There have been a lot of different types of workouts in the first 15 days of the challenge. Everything from HIIT to yoga to weight lifting. Today, I have another creative workout to share. This is my yoga legs routine.

We are going to go through lots of yoga-inspired exercises in this workout. Each movement will help tone your legs and lift your booty.

I love blending workout styles in my MFit workouts. There are benefits to cross training like this. Combining the deep stretching techniques of yoga with muscle building exercises will help your body get stronger in a completely safe way.

Everyone has tight muscles in their body. These tight muscles like to fight against your weaker muscles, preventing them from getting stronger. This workout will make sure the tight muscles loosen so the weak ones get stronger!

Try the yoga legs workout below!

Flow through each movement:

– Downdog Knee Pulls
– Deep Lunge Active Stretch
– Low Lunge Rock
– Pyramid Pose
– Crescent Lunge
– Flat Back Lunge Pulses
– Lunge Runner
– Chair Pulses
– Single Leg Chair Pulses
– Airplane into Half Airplane
– Hovering Leg Lifts
– Deep Lunge into Runners Stretch
– Repeat on other leg *
– Chaturanga
– Grasshopper
– Childs Pose
– Downdog
– Deep Squat Pulses
– Happy Baby Pose

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