Cardio Kickboxing Home Workout #25DaysofMFit

It is kickboxing time! Boxing and kickboxing are a couple of my favorite ways to do cardio. These workouts can be done with heavy bags, a sparring partner, or alone in your living room. Today we will be doing a cardio kickboxing home workout.

The #25DaysofMFit have been filled with lots of variety so far. This workout will add more variety and definitely be a shock to the body. It may be short, but it really packs a punch (pun intended).

Kickboxing routines are great for improving cardio and core strength. Your obliques and deep core muscles will be aching after this workout. I have posted several boxing workouts on this blog before, but I’ve added some new elements to the workout below to make sure you are feeling extra challenged.

If you enjoy kickboxing workouts like this one, make sure you check out my 4-Week Flat Abs Plan. That home workout plan includes a lot of fun boxing, core and total body strength workouts!

The cardio kickboxing home workout details are below!

Complete each movement for 40-seconds.
Jog in place for 20-seconds in between each movement.

– Walk Down
– Cross Body Punches
– Sway
– Cross Body Punches
– Burpees
– Cross/Jab/Cross/Knee (right foot forward)
– Squat Front Kick
– Cross/Jab/Cross/Knee (left foot forward)
– Jab/Jab/Body Cross (right foot forward)
– Knee-Side Kick (right)
– Jab/Jab/Body Cross (left foot forward)
– Knee-Side Kick (left)

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