Total Body High-Low Circuit Workout

Here we go again… I know many of you enjoyed my previous High-Low Circuit Workout, so today I have another one for you. This video contains all new exercises, but the concept is the same. I have two circuits for you. The first will be some serious fat-burning cardio, and the second will be slow and controlled. We will cycle through the exercises in the first circuit as many times as possible in 8-minutes. The second circuit will be slow to help with core strength, balance, and muscle building. You need a couple dumbbells for this workout, but that is it!

Circuit #1 Exercises:
Belly Busters (Right) x 15
Squat with back extension x 10
Belly Busters (Left) x 15
Burpee row with shoulder press x 10
Plank Jacks x 20
Jack Presses x 20

As always, take modifications when necessary – this is your workout, so you should go at your fitness level.

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