What Are The Best Eco-Friendly Yoga Mats On The Market Today?

I have you used a lot of yoga mats in my career as a trainer and yoga instructor. Some very good and some very bad. If you have ever used a bad yoga mat during one of my MFit workouts, you understand why a good yoga mat is so important! The best yoga mats support you in a workout. They give you cushion, and they do not slip around underneath you. Today we are going to figure out what are the best, eco-friendly yoga mats for sale today.

The kind folks at consumeradvocate.org have each sent me their research on the best yoga mats in the business. I found their results to be extremely interesting and well researched. As I said before, I have used some great yoga mats and some terrible ones. There should be balance between good cushion, not slippery, not sticky, and nice to look at. I’m sure all this sounds crazy to some of my readers that don’t use yoga mats regularly. However, to those of you that do, you know what I’m talking about. It is frustrating when you start a workout, feeling strong, and then having your mat slip underneath your feet.

The consumeradvocate.org article on the best yoga mats takes a look at the most eco-friendly yoga mats on the market. Each yoga mat on that list brings a little something different to the table. I can personally say I’ve tried the Manduka mat! For those of you on a budget and find the more pricey mats to be overwhelmingly expensive, have no fear there are more affordable mats on their list as well! You don’t have to spend the big bucks to have the best mats, you just have to do a little research. Luckily, consumersadvocate.org has done that for you!

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