Bubble Butt Workout

Do you want a rounded, lifted booty? Then you need to join me for this bubble butt workout!

Using no equipment, this workout will shape, strengthen and tone your backside! I do these exercises myself and have been giving them to my clients for years, so I know that they work.

As I said, you do not need any equipment for this workout. Instead of pushing weight to shape the gluteal muscles, we will do a high number of reps. This will challenge the muscles and really make your bum burn!

I planned this workout very strategically. The variety of exercises will have you moving in all planes of motion, at varying speeds. Your muscles need this diversity to really change, grow and get stronger. So, while some of the exercises may look a little silly… they serve a purpose!

This workout is wonderful on its own, but it also pairs perfectly with my other MFit workouts. So make sure you check out my other videos and incorporate them into your routine as well!

Try the bubble butt workout!

Do both exercises one 1 leg before switching:
– Straight leg lift to 3 legged dog (12 reps)
– Wide lunge stretch (30 seconds)

Do all exercises one 1 leg before switching:
– Basic donkey kicks (30 reps)
– Diagonal donkey kicks (20 reps)
– Straight back donkey kicks (20 reps)
– 3 point donkey kicks (8 rounds)

Do all exercises one 1 leg before switching:
– Wide lunge kick back (10 reps)
– Add leg pull (10 reps)
– Tilted straight leg lifts (20 reps)

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