Dumbbell Only Chest & Tricep Workout

One positive thing that has come out of the COVID-19 pandemic is that I have fallen back in love with home workouts! When I first started my fitness journey, I only exercised at home. I never went to the gym. I’ve really enjoyed getting back into my home workouts the past five months. I have been experimenting with lots of different workouts during quarantine, including this dumbbell chest and tricep workout.

Working out at home comes with its challenges though. One of which is figuring out how to build strength with minimal equipment and light dumbbells.

Most of us do not have heavy weights at home. So, I challenged myself in this dumbbell chest and tricep workout to find a way to exhaust the muscles while just using 5lb weights.

dumbbell chest and tricep workout

I am really happy with how this workout turned out, and I think you will really enjoy it too!

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Let’s get to today’s workout. If you don’t have dumbbells, you can easily do this workout holding water bottles or cans. Give it a try!

Try the workout below.

Do 1 set of the following:
Flipped Front Raise (15 reps)
Windshield (15 reps)
Pulsing Windshield (5 reps)
Tricep Kickback (15 reps)
Rotating Tricep Kickback (15 reps)
Tricep Pulse (20 reps)
Steering Wheel (12 reps)
Upper Cut, right (15 reps)
Steering Wheel (12 reps)
Upper Cut, left (15 reps)
Skull Crusher in Bridge (15 reps)
Tricep Halo in Bridge (15 reps)
Skull Crusher Pulses (20 reps)

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