Molly McNamee | Easy Stretching Routine
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Easy Stretching Routine

This month I have been posting a lot about the importance of stretching and corrective exercise. We are finishing up the 30-Day Stretch Challenge, but the stretching doesn’t stop here. Stretching is something you should do everyday. It keeps your body healthy and pain-free.

I’ve recently posted several stretching routines for specific parts of the body, like the neck and lower back. Today I want to share with you a stretch routine that will touch on all areas of your body. The routine below will stretch out your whole body in just 10-minutes. It is the perfect routine to do after a workout or on your rest day.

Try the stretching routine:

Arm Swings
Shoulder Rolls
Head Rolls
Neck Side Stretch
Quad Stretch into Dancer’s Pose
Child’s Pose
Downward Facing Dog
Deep Lunge Stretch
Figure 4 Stretch
Deep Twist