Molly McNamee | How To Feel Your Abs More While Exercising
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How To Feel Your Abs More While Exercising

As crazy it sounds, summer is right around the corner. Bikini season is creeping up on us, which means it is time to start working on those abs.

Today I want to teach you how to feel your abs more in a workout. If you are someone who struggles to feel your abs, has lower back pain, or just wants a more effective core workout – keep reading.

My first tip is to stretch your hips! Everyone sits way too much throughout the day. All that sitting tightens the hip flexors. Tight hip flexors prevent core muscles from working effectively. In fact, tight hips actually cause the lower back to activate. This is the opposite of what we want. Stretch out your hips daily and right before your workout to resolve this issue.

Next month, I am actually going to be doing a 30-Day Stretch Challenge. If you want to stretch those hips with me, you can join the free challenge by clicking HERE.

My next tip is to start small. Pick exercises that have a small range of motion, like crunches or baby bicycles. When you keep the movement small, you can isolate it more. The more limbs you include in your ab exercises, the more difficult it is to isolate the core. I am not saying to completely eliminate those more complex exercises, but they should be placed in the middle or end of your core workout. You should start each workout with a small exercise that you always feel a lot in your core. Get the abs burning right off the bat so you can continue to feel them in some of the more difficult exercises.

This MFit workout is a good example of starting small and building up to more movement.

Finally, remember to breathe. Exhale on the effort to give yourself more energy. For most exercises that means exhale up. Exhale when you lift in your crunch, when you twist in your bicycle, and any time you contract.

Breathing will make you feel stronger. It will also help you contract deeper in each exercise. Empty your stomach on each exhale so you can squeeze, crunch and twist tighter!