20-Minute No Equipment Leg Workout

Can you believe it is the third week of 2021? This year is already flying by! Have you started working on your New Year’s resolutions yet? If you haven’t, this workout video is a good start! Today we are doing a 20-minute no equipment leg workout.

You do not need any weights, bands, or fancy gym equipment for this routine. All of the movements today are bodyweight only. Don’t let that fool you though, this workout is super challenging.

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Now, let’s get into today’s workout…

Try the 20-minute no equipment leg workout below!

Warm-up Exercises:
– Hip Opener
– Butt Kick
– Leg Extension
– Side to Side Lunges

Do all exercises on each leg, then repeat on the other:
Heels Under Hips Pulse (30)
1 Heel Lifted Pulse (20)
“Run” Leg (20)
Pulse & Lift (20)
Donkey Kicks (40)

Do all exercises on each leg, then repeat on the other:
Curtsy Lunge (20)
Around the World Curtsy (20)
Leg Hug Curtsy (20)
Single Leg Hop (20)
Reach & Hop (15)

Do all exercises on each leg, then repeat on the other:
Side to Side Lunge (10)
Pulsing Lunge (15)
Reaching Pulse (10-10)

Cool Down Exercises:
– Sumo to Lunge
– Arching Lunge
– Pyramid Pose
– Deep Lunge

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